“There’s a fine balance between having security onsite at a hotel and invading guests’ personal space or causing concern”
– Christian Ryan, U.S. Hospitality and Gaming Practice Leader


Survey of travelers from 70 countries found 67% say “safety and security” matter most.


Among the hotel workers surveyed who had been harassed by a guest, over half (56%) of women said they did not feel safe returning to work after an incident.


96% of housekeepers surveyed said they would feel safer if they were equipped with a panic button.

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Kuvrr Every Part of Your Property

Perimeter & Lobby

Bars & Banquet Halls

Garages & Parking Lots

Hallways & Rooms

Gym &


  • In the room safety with pin-point location

  • In-property safety

  • Way to parking lots


  • In the room safety

  • Safety all over the property

  • Road-trips/excursions

  • Emergency communications

Staff Members

  • Empower staff members to take discreet actions in case of an emergency

  • Emergency communications for faster response

  • Peace of mind while on the property or coming to work/going back from work

Conference Guests

  • Mass communications

  • Instant situational awareness

  • Emergency communications

  • Evacuation with navigation

Security Teams

  • Instant situational awareness

  • Continuous 2-way communications

  • Mass communications

  • Smart response plans

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Manage Risk/Liabilities Better

Drive Superior RoI/Savings

Enhance Personnel/Guest Loyalty

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